Solitary (You Are Not Alone)
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Studio: Real Urban Men
Solitary Confinement. Some call it torture, inhumane, and unusual punishment. For the guys at Real Urban Men it means it's time to fuck. These guys are no strangers to prison walls and they know just what to do to get what they want. Some want a hard thick cock and others want a tight bubble butt, but none of them plan on spending much time alone, even if they have to give the Corrections Officers a piece of ass to get it.

Afrikan Prince opens the movie, sitting in his cell in solitary writing a letter home. He strips down and shows off the best built black man in gay porn today. His dick starts to grow with every heartbeat. We watch it get longer and thicker until its rock hard. He forgets the letter and gets to work on the rock hard pole between his legs. Spitting on it, pulling it and fucking his mattress are all he has on his mind right now. He keeps a finger up his ass so he can keep it ready for action. Venom, the man with a cock the size of a cops night stick sneaks into Princes' cell. Prince is handcuffed to his bunk and helpless to defend himself against Venom's advances. Venom strips off Princes clothes and starts to suck his cock. Then he pulls out this 12" black pole and shoves it down Princes throat. Prince loves it!

He sucks his Venoms balls and tries to take the whole thing down his throat. Venom flips over his captive sex slave and eats Princes ass, as he moans with pleasure. He then slides his black meat up Princes waiting asshole as Prince cries out for mercy. Venom shows no compassion for his prey and fucks him until he drops his load into Princes mouth.

Loco is the Correction Officer with 2 lethal weapons. One is an uncut 12" cock that never gets soft. He is taking his prisoner Justin in from the exercise yard when Justin asks for more free time. Loco gives him more than time as he sticks his huge cock in Justin's mouth. Justin sucks it like a vacuum, so Loco is happy to do the same for him. They 69 until Loco wants some ass. He pushes Justin over to the exercise mat, bends him over and sticks his rock hard cock up his tiny butthole. Justin takes a pounding until they both explode with huge cum shots. Justin is going to get some special treatment in prison from now on!

Nubius and Seduction are in bed talking about their friend in jail. Nubius lets Seduction know how lucky he is to be out here with him and shows him why. Nubius was born to eat ass and Seduction wants all he can get. Seduction was born to get fucked so the two make a match made in heaven. The two fuck, suck and rim each other until Seduction does a headstand and Nubius fucks him upside-down. They 2 lie back down and let loose with huge loads. Nubius shoots his jizz into Seduction's anxious mouth.

They may be in SOLITARY, but they are never alone. Their secret prison life will stay with them their entire prison sentence.

Stars: Seduction, Justin, Venom, Loco, Nubius, Afrikan Prince

Solitary (You Are Not Alone)
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